Jester has had numerous issues with this bones in his legs and several surgeries over his lifetime. This has caused him to spend a lot of down time, early arthritis in joints, a slow metabolism that has lead us through many diet plans and water treadmill stategies. Most recently, in the last year or so, he has started experiencing pain in his front wrists. They believed it to be bone infections and have had him off of his feet and on meds several more times. The specialist, Dr. Noone, has mentioned Jester's ankles at an angle for some time. Ultimately, they dropped beyond what is safe and surgery was required immediately to avoid the joint from further destruction. Jester is doing great with his loving family!

I, Ziva, and my mom say thank you for getting us the help we needed to get my infections under control so I can live many more happy years loving my mom and having her love me. Thank you SamUrgency!

Monty has had both eyes removed to glaucoma, his right eyes is a prosthetic. We are glad we were able to help him be pain-free.

Thank you to Samurgency for your help with our very unanticipated dental bill for our puppy, Bonnie in early 2016. We took her home on October 2015 and very soon after found out she was born with enamel hypoplasia - a genetic condition that keeps the enamel on her teeth from developing and hardening.

We found a wonderful dental specialist about 3 hours from home who was able to explain the condition, clean, repair, and seal the 8 ‘important’ teeth when they finally came in during the spring of 2016. Her genetic tissue, blood, and a couple of her teeth were included in a research study at UC. Her results came back as both her parents carried the gene and should never had been bred. They are now in the process of developing a genetic test so that this will never happen to another dog, or their families ever again.

We call her our $18,000 sweetheart! Best dog ever! If we did not get the financial help from Samurgency at the beginning of our journey, we may have lost her. The cost was exorbitant right at the time my husband had just retired and the unexpected cost of her treatment was overwhelming. That fantastic dental veterinarian saved her teeth, dentin, pulp, roots and nerves. We follow up every year and other than 2 small teeth needing to be removed, her dentin is thickening enough so that she has avoided infections and has been the most loving Sammy we’ve had in our nearly 35 years of the breed! Thank you again Samurgency! You helped to save our Bonnie’s life!❤️

We are so pleased to have received the check for $1500 to help us pay for Clint’s veterinary care. Clint’s recovery from knee surgery is going well. He would love to play in the snow but for now is restricted to short leash walks. The recheck x-rays are coming up in January and we are hopeful that it will be a good report for our sweet Clint. Thank you for the generous gift.

Thank you for the very generous check to help cover Jingle's surgery.

He is recovering well and is back to his normal self.

Without your help, I don't think I would have been able to save him.

He is a special boy that had a ruff start and still has health issues that will remain with him his whole life.

Thank you again for making saving him possible.

Laura and Jingles

After returning from a road trip, Mackey started screaming with a rock hard abdomen. He was rushed to the animal hospital and emergency surgery was performed and Mackey is doing well and is home.

Without Samurgency, my Puppet would not be here to enjoy dog sledding, give comfort at our pet therapy visits, compete in rally, obedience and coursing. She wouldn't be my bed buddy. Thank you doesn't seem enough, Melissa. Samurgency and your wonderful 'staff' have helped so many.

Blizzy had double enucleation surgery almost exactly a year ago, and she was adopted by a wonderful family. Thanks to SamUrgency, who helped with the enucleation costs, she no longer is in pain from her glaucoma. Bless you for everything you do!!!!!!

Sport had an urgent case of pancreatitis due to a blockage between the stomach and intestine, and bladder stones. He also has spinal myelopathy which could become worse since the surgery will need to be done on his back. After surgery, he was doing well. Pat said "This morning we received the check and I have to tell you I about passed out. This has to be the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for us."

Mishka has thrombocytopenia, secondary to liver problems. He has had a lot of emergency veterinary work performed in order to get better!

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